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The Real Craig J believes in the products he represents and is excited for you to experience them the way he does. Practically born on a motorcyle and being part of the motorcycle industry most of his life, The Real Craig J understands the mind of a motorcylist and what they need.

Wild Ass

The cushion eliminates painful pressure points and promotes blood circulation by utilizing adjustable interconnected air cells which conform to the riders shape regardless of weight or seating position. Additional key benefits are reduction of shock and vibration to reduce lower back pain and air circulation under the rider to disperse heat and perspiration. Wild Ass is recommended for motorcycle riders who would like reduction of painful pressure points, increased blood circulation, reduced vibration, shock absorption, heat and moisture reduction and greater overall seat comfort while riding a motorcycle.

Cell Buckle

From the practical to protective, fitness to fun and personal to professional uses, The Cell Buckle is the simple device holder allowing for the most in variety and versatility, when it comes to securing most of your handheld devices in the most locations possible. The convenience of the Cell Buckle comes down to how it secures so many different hand held and smaller devices for use by acting as the third hand you often wish you had.


Raci-Babi products are designed to make your active lifestyle a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Your free time is important to you so at Raci-Babi we work hard to help you make the most of it. Our outdoor and motor sports accessories make your favorite sports easier and more comfortable.

The Raci-Babi product line provides the accessories you need to make your motorcycling, snowmobiling, skiing or other exciting sports more enjoyable and lets you do it with flair and style.